Thursday, March 29, 2012

Implementation Started

We have started to implement the interfaces for the application. We implemented the login interface with a attractive appearance.
We like to share our knowledge and inform how to overcome some common problems within the development process.

We use linear layout for this interface so this is compatible with different screen resolutions.
To keep simple we use hints for the textEdits instead of using labels everywhere. We use gravity property of the button to align that to center. To get the content to middle from the top of the we set top-margin property to 20 dp of the "LOGIN" textView.
When we give sizes to the controllers its better to use dp value instead of use px value. Then its compatible with various screen sizes. Other thig you have to consider when you use images save it in simple letters and don't use file extension in coding.
In future we hope to come up with a tab solution internally in the system.
Hope to see you in the next post with some coding related to tab controller and its behaviour

Guard's Assistant Control Panel

Hi readers we have started working on the web based control panel .
We have completed the database design part now we can create the data layer we are using Microsoft LinQ for database transactions so its efficient and fast.
The WCF service development is not started yet but it'll be done soon .
We made some testing projects with Google Maps api they were amazing so now we need to find how to access the phones location services and find out its location
So far we are mainly targeting the Aandroid platform.
We have designed some prototypes for iPhone app but the real development is not started.
My next post will have the UI prototypes.

The Beginning of Development

Hi Readers
finally we have started the development of the application in android platform we'll be starting the development of the iPhone app soon.
For now we have create a simple web service that connects to a SQL server database.
This web service is a WCF service which is developed in C# .
The application will be connecting to the web service using JSON and invoking the methods provided by the server.
For now the login is complete and the employee login time is registered in the server.
This really is a big achievement for us.
We'll be putting up the screenshots real soon.

The Plan

Hi readers
We finally have a plan and the name of our application is Guard's Assistant which is an application to be used by security guards to maintain schedules and have their attendance marked and the application is going to be a client server application .
A WCF service is going to be providing data to the application and we are planning to create a web based control center.
The app will be sending information to the server and it'll be sending the GPS location of the guards.
Hope its gonna be a great app.
we'll keep you updated of the progress.

The First week

Hi Readers
This week was really nice we learnt the basics of iPhone as well as android iPhone was really new to us as we are not familiar with the apple platform. but android was great as it was mostly java.
Now we know how much we can do and also we have a small idea for the app so its time to begin the work
Keep in touch.