Thursday, March 29, 2012

Implementation Started

We have started to implement the interfaces for the application. We implemented the login interface with a attractive appearance.
We like to share our knowledge and inform how to overcome some common problems within the development process.

We use linear layout for this interface so this is compatible with different screen resolutions.
To keep simple we use hints for the textEdits instead of using labels everywhere. We use gravity property of the button to align that to center. To get the content to middle from the top of the we set top-margin property to 20 dp of the "LOGIN" textView.
When we give sizes to the controllers its better to use dp value instead of use px value. Then its compatible with various screen sizes. Other thig you have to consider when you use images save it in simple letters and don't use file extension in coding.
In future we hope to come up with a tab solution internally in the system.
Hope to see you in the next post with some coding related to tab controller and its behaviour

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